Hydropower asset refurbishment at insane tolerances. Reduce your downtime and up your efficiency.

The question isn’t if your generation equipment will need work…

It’s when — and how much.

Your customers depend on you. Our expertise has not only delivered unparalleled results for our customers, it has redefined the way this work gets done.

Field Machining

Field Welding

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When tolerances are so precise that competitors won’t make promises, we’ll put it in writing.

By combining the scale to handle any job with the experience to do it right, HydroPoint offers the service level of a small business with the capacity of a large one.


Combined hydro experience in our leadership team.


Planned and delivered by our team over the years.


Amount of material we’ve overlay-welded to date.


Satisfied all across North America.

Our tolerance needs were so precise – HydroPoint was the only company with the guts to put it in writing that they could meet them.

Project Manager, Turbine Manufacturer

Success stories come to life here — just look at who trusts our solutions.

Start your next project and unlock the power of field machining tolerances thinner than a human hair.