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Diagnose the situation. Create designs and write plans that can actually be executed – with minimal disruption to your operation.

Helping you arrive at the best plan forward.

Sometimes what’s technically possible, isn’t advisable. Our experience has taught us to be transparent and candid. We’ll tell you exactly what we think you should do, and we’ll steer you away from approaches that end up costing more time and money to your operation.

Can what you have designed be properly installed and used in the field?

Or at worst — will a “beautiful” design lead to failure?

Hydropower asset refurbishment runs the gamut from small niche repairs to complete overhaul, and HydroPoint is able to address the feasibility and constructability of an intended design.

Will your M&O team be able to keep up with the intended use of your design? Ask HydroPoint to review it before installation. You’ll be glad you did, and your installers, field craftsmen, and maintenance team will thank you.

We know how OEM prints and documents are frequently misplaced.

Luckily, we can reverse engineer original components.

This capability allows us to restore and configure OEM designed tolerance and clearances, restoring your unit to optimal operating condition.

We take pride in our ability to perform niche repairs that competitors claim “can’t be done.”

That’s because, at HydroPoint, quality is our primary goal.

That’s why we focus on procedural development and process implementation, ensuring the satisfaction of our customers and increasing the longevity of generating equipment. We’re able to qualify site-specific welding procedures for both common and exotic materials.

Experience that counts. Highly technical processes that we can actually explain.

  • Alignment inspection
  • Discharge ring replacement
  • Draft tube liner replacement
  • Embedded component anchoring
  • Cementitious + epoxy grout installation
  • Embedded component inspection
  • Mechanical straightening

Eliminate complexity. Remove the mystery. Get it done – right.

The formidable scale of hydropower asset refurbishment doesn’t have to be overwhelming. The careful planning and design of your project will remove friction from the process, just like our refurbishment efforts eliminate the friction from your units! (See what we did there?) Just ask our satisfied customers.

Start your next project and unlock the power of field machining tolerances thinner than a human hair.