Field Machining

Equipment designed specifically for your needs and specifications.

Where unmatched precision meets reduced downtime.

HydroPoint specializes in refurbishing hydropower assets. We designed our boring bars to keep chatter to an industry-leading minimum, resulting in unparalleled precision tolerances.

From wicket gate line boring to machining a discharge ring, we have the expertise to machine a vast array of hydropower components.

Our fleet of boring bar assemblies lets us perform field machining and welding — all in one set-up.

And yes — we can conform to your dimensions upon request.

The versatile nature of our equipment design lets us accommodate boring and facing operations ranging from 50”-300” in diameter and up to 20’ in length.

We offer a variety of portable milling services, from key-way mills to in-place machining of discharge rings.

We’ve built the tools that work perfectly at your job site.

Other milling examples include nose cone machining, sole plates, seals and o-ring grooves, flange facing, discharge rings, weld preparations, key ways, and more.

True expertise means restoration of surfaces without disassembly, resulting in minimized cost and downtime.

Not just meeting expectations,
but often exceeding them.

HydroPoint offers complete restoration of bearing journal surfaces as well as split-sleeve installation. We have the expertise to repair and retrofit your turbine shaft to accept a broad range of seal and bearing modifications.

Precision measurement lets us establish concentric alignment through multiple bores in standard and static micrometers.

Measure twice, bore once. Precision, precision, precision.

We offer a fleet of line boring equipment to cover boring and facing operations for bores from 1”-50” in diameter. Line boring enables us to restore both concentric and plumb boring of various components.

Our experience leads to understanding, expertise, skill and capacity.

HydroPoint has the equipment and team to meet your needs, solve your problems, and restore efficiency to your power generation assets. Just look at who trusts our solutions.

Start your next project and unlock the power of field machining tolerances thinner than a human hair.