Field Welding

Highly qualified craft labor + Hydropower Expertise.

Expert craftsmen using state-of-the-art equipment to meet your needs.

Hydropower Generating work requires specific experience and understanding. HydroPoint’s leadership started in the hydro industry with on-site welding. Whether welding up cavitation repairs on a runner blade or auto-welding an entire discharge ring, we offer qualified welders using qualified procedures, all with hydropower expertise.

We’ve contributed significantly to the process development and methods in expediting the performance of cavitation weld repairs.

We’ve been at it for a while — dating back to the 1980s.

HydroPoint raised the bar for both quality and speed at which surface restoration could be performed for our customers in North America. We have the ability to restore damaged sealing faces and hydraulic profiles to template or print dimensions, returning your unit to optimal performance.

Our specialists successfully restore a variety of components and / or replace partial items such as buckets, blades, runner hubs, wicket gates and stay-veins as needed. Additionally, we perform a broad variety of crack repair scopes on blades, buckets, man-doors and pump casings.

Our team has drastically improved equipment designs since we first began performing corrosion-resistant overlays.

That was a long time ago, too — since the early 1990s.

HydroPoint is proud to offer our state of the art welding equipment. Currently, we have the capabilities to run up to 7 welding torches simultaneously, saving our customers both time and money.

Our Auto-Welding equipment can cover bore diameters from 10”-300”, giving us the ability to resurface almost every bore or surface in your unit. We can set up equipment from the Runner (in place) or with the Runner removed via Portable Boring Bars.

By incorporating reinforcement anchors, we minimize discharge ring distortion – a problem frequently encountered due to the inherent residual stresses accompanying clad welding.

Out with the old, in with the new. Proven removal processes that speed the return of your units to full efficiency.

Eliminate unnecessary costs
–with more precise preparation.

HydroPoint specializes in all types of cutting and lancing processes. Specifically, we prefer utilizing Arc-Gouging techniques for the majority of our material removal scopes.

We’re experts in discharge ring and draft tube liner replacement scopes.

Restoring structural integrity,
while reducing downtime.

Whether you’re trimming for a liner shell or removing material back to the embedded stiffeners, our equipment and processes can drastically reduce outage time. Once material is removed, our crew can also perform concrete sawing, chipping, and pumping operations commonly associated with reinforcing the structural integrity of your unit.

Do you have a planned outage in the future but a problem to be solved now?

Is cavitation damage threatening unit failure or simply causing inefficient power generation? HydroPoint has the equipment and personnel to extend the life and restore the integrity of your power generation assets.

We can offer recommendations for improvement or complete repair — just look at who trusts our solutions.

Start your next project and unlock the power of field machining tolerances thinner than a human hair.