About Us

We love our work. We love our customers. We love getting out in the field.

When it comes to hydropower, we’ve never met a problem we didn’t want to solve. Our dream team of experts has seen almost everything, and we enjoy reducing complexity for our clients.

In some ways, we feel like our careers found us, and with no two days alike, we’re still thrilled that we get to do this work.


Dennis is an experienced power generation rehab professional and veteran owner, with over 35 years of experience in the Hydroelectric Service Industry. Throughout his career, Dennis has played a significant role in the introduction and continuous development of specialized welding and machining equipment that has set the benchmark for hydro repair across the United States.

Senior Vice President

Jonas is a mechanical engineer with 30 years of industrial experience, spending more than 15 of those years involved specifically with the rehabilitation of hydropower assets. His broad range of professional engineering and business development experience includes project management, engineering, technical sales, and operations management. Jonas developed his foundation and reliable reputation in the hydroelectric service industry by working for WeldMart, Inc. (Voith), Hydro Power Services (Toshiba), and American Hydro.

Director of Field Machining

Mike is one of the most reputable, valuable, and experienced leaders in the field machining industry. His technical expertise is derived from 30 years of field machining and management experience that began with Weldmart Inc. and Voith Hydro Services. Through clear communication, devoted leadership, and technical immersion, Mike continuously promotes the development of the next generation of field machinists at HydroPoint.

Operations Manager

Contributing over 15 years of experience to the HydroPoint team, Chris brings a significant level of leadership and management skills to our field service division. His reputation is founded upon various specialized craft skills, quickly leading him into OEM-level management and quality roles in his past experience. His experience originated with Weldmart Inc., Voith Hydro Services, and Turbine Pros (Toshiba). This professional growth and his hands-on experience enable him to effectively motivate, generate, and enhance our service model, capabilities, and efficiency.

Lead Superintendent

Bringing 20 years of experience in the Hydroelectric Service Industry, Kevin is an integral component of our field service division. His reputation continues to spread through the network of power suppliers as one of the most talented, experienced, and trustworthy individuals in the business. Kevin has compiled an extensive resume in the Hydroelectric Service Industry, including Mechanical Overhaul / Refurbishment, Cavitation Repair, and Field Machining.


Cutting his hydro teeth with Voith Hydro Services, John brings seven years of hydro-specific experience to HydroPoint. John’s craftsmanship and leadership greatly enhance HydroPoint’s capabilities.

Business Operations

With nearly 25 years of experience across various industries and organizational structures, Anthony develops and implements business operations and systems to support and sustain HydroPoint’s growth.

If you’re mechanically gifted and have tremendous integrity, come work with a company that values teamwork.

Field machinists, welders, or anyone with a strong work ethic — do you want to work with a reputable company of integrity? Do you have recent experience but want to grow your skills? Are you certified and want to work in the hydroelectric industry? Hydropoint is always searching for opportunities to work with you.

The way we see it, every HydroPoint customer is a valuable partner.

Every project is important, and while we do the heavy lifting, we’ll work collaboratively with you throughout the process, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

If you would like to discuss a value system agreement, we offer preferred rates and favorable terms.

Start your next project and unlock the power of field machining tolerances thinner than a human hair.