Why HydroPoint?

It’s simple — when an established protocol doesn’t exist, we innovate and develop it.

We’ve built the knowledge, and we’ve built the tools. We’ve defined the methods, and we’ve proved they work in the field, time and again.

Actually, more than 250 times. HydroPoint’s approach to field machining and welding has worked for more than 35 years on hundreds of jobs for dozens of customers across the country.

We believe in partnership and we work best with customers who value our experience. No project is exactly the same. That means that we’ll work together to create a detailed plan of action for your job. And if we uncover the unforeseen — we’ll bring our creativity to bear on a solution that meets your needs.

The thickness of a single strand of human hair. We are working with tolerances in the thousandths.

And we meet them. In the field, on-site, and in-place.

Whether returning a runner blade to a clean hydraulic profile, leveling a seating surface, or restoring circularity and unit center, HydroPoint understands the importance of precision and its effect on efficient power generation. While understanding the critical nature of meeting these tolerances is important, HydroPoint joins know-how with ability. We understand. We plan. We execute.

Field Machining

Field Welding

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HydroPoint’s team brings our decades of hydro experience to bear on each and every project.

Meeting the tolerances on a single component is one thing. Understanding how the unit must go back together and perform efficiently is another thing entirely. Our planning includes a thorough understanding of how tolerances stack up throughout the unit.

Let our experience and knowledge add value to your project like it has for many others before.

Start your next project and unlock the power of field machining tolerances thinner than a human hair.